the island of dominica

We arrived in Dominica on Sunday morning, and we were there until last night. When we arrived, ashton and i thought that we were stuck in the middle of the ocean because the boat wasn't moving, and we assumed being on "port side" meant we would be able to see the port of call when we had docked. It turns out port side just means the left side of the boat? We ate breakfast and then right away we got off the boat and went to meet with our groups. Our first stop was the "emerald pool" where we took a drive up the mountain, which was so windy and so high, but gave us a chance to see the island. We got to a certain spot and then went through the rainforest and ended up at a waterfall with water underneath that we could climb behind and swim in. I think this was the most beautiful thing that I saw on the island. It's called the emerald pool because the forest is so lush around it that it reflected green on the clear water. After about an hour at the emerald pool, we drove to another spot on the mountain where we got life jackets and hats, and we jumped into water tubes. Then for the next hour and a half we floated down the river with all different kinds of rapids. It was so relaxing and it was fun getting to spend time with Becca (she was in the same group as me). Once we finished tubing, they gave us fresh juice and fresh coconut slices. We got back into a taxi and then went to a beach that was covered with black sand. I don't remember ever seeing a beach that was just black sand! It was so hott on my feet but the water felt so nice. We were serenaded by an older black man with no teeth, blind, and playing bob marley on his guitar. I have never seen a blind person play a guitar. SO COOL!  We got back on the ship, freshened up, ate, and then all six hundred of us went to a club called "COCO LOCO" where we just danced all night. We went out around seven, so everyone was back on the boat by 12:30! That gave me the perfect amount of time to sleep because I was up again at 8:00 to go to the "Champagne Reef". We got on a catamaran and went around the island to a reef. The colors weren't as bright as the reefs that I have seen in other countries, but there were bubbles coming up through the reef (hence "champagne", for the bubbles). It was pouring rain when we were snorkeling, so going down underneath the water and looking up was amazing. I was the only girl that went down low enough in the water to see the reef up close, and about only six other guys went down as well as the teachers. Thanks mom and dad for my swimming lessons early on in life!! haha! We were shown the mountains where Johnny Depp and the cast recorded pirates of the Caribbean 2, and we were told all about the history of the island.  After we got back from snorkeling we went to a dominican restaurant named CocoRico. (everything is titled with coconuts). the food was reallly good. We ate and then walked around the city looking at market places. At around three we got back on the boat and laid out in the sun, waiting for the boat to leave. The boat left and we left Dominica behind. There are two places that I missed seeing that I would have loved to go to- an underwater cave, and a place called trafalgar falls. Not only that, but we only saw the coast side of the island, we didn't even see the rainforest side. I would love to go back though to see the places I hadn't seen. There were so many different things that we couldn't see and it was honestly one of the most beautiful places I have EVER seen. We're back on the boat right now, and I have a free block. I just wanted to catch you guys up on everything that I've been up to. In two days we'll be at the mouth of the Amazon River!! 

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