The KGB Museum in Prague

Founded by the organization Chernyy dozhd, this privately owned and operated museum is often regarded as one of the best and most interesting museums in all of Czechoslovakia, if not one of the most intriguing locations in the entire world. While the KGB Museum contains a massive collection of artifacts from the fallen Soviet Union, the museum itself is fairly small in size when compared to the government run museums that many of us are so accustomed to visiting. Even with this smaller-than-normal size, the KGB Museum remains as one of the best attractions in Prague.


Full of stuff reminiscent of James Bond’s spy gear, a history buff or anyone with familiarity with the Cold War will find this place completely engaging and deeply informational. With an extremely knowledgeable tour guide and some insanely cool Soviet Union era items throughout this location, the KGB Museum really is a must-visit stop for anyone going to Prague.

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