The Luxe Life: Securing Your Valuable Assets

The business world has transformed from the days of sending email communications to a truly mobile and virtual society. If a business is not utilizing online, cloud-based methods such as folder sync and online storage to secure and send data, information can easily be lost in translation. Individuals living in the lap of luxury don’t have the time to focus on the small things in life like storing data, they want to see the world and live life to the fullest. Unfortunately, the smallest things can have the greatest value.

Typical methods of sending communication such as email are efficient, but if he’s sending a large amount of information, he needs to insure the delivery. He also needs to ensure the privacy of his clients. The only feasible way to secure valuable data is to utilize methods that free him up to enjoy the sights of his various locations.

Both services seem remedial, but both are relatively inexpensive, meaning more money on the bottom line. So why would anyone use this service? The answer is simple, convenience. Whether on a business trip, vacation or overseas, authorized users have access to information.

Why Folder Sync?

The question is answered simply. Any international business needs a sense of security that when information is sent from one person to another or business to business, the information will arrive safe and secure. Folder synchronization and online storage is not like sending an email. This service allows users to upload information into a folder which is on a dedication server. The server, which has multiple layers of security, is only accessible to the collaborators of the information. Unless an unauthorized person has access to passwords, all information is secure.

Cost Concerns

With anything of value, there is a price. Fortunately, several of the best cloud-based storage systems, individuals have the opportunity to try the services before making a purchase. This gives individuals and business the opportunity to see if the service is a perfect fit for a particular business model.

After the trial, a purchase can be made or choose another option such as open-source (free), freeware (low-cost/free) or commercial (significant cost).


When considering protecting assets, whether real or virtual, security measures must be in place. A person with a multi-million dollar mansion wouldn’t leave the door unlocked at night. Information regarding business and clients should not be left unguarded either. The use of folder sync and online storage is not only a smart business decision, but critical to the success of any business. These services utilize multi-layer security features and well as encryption keys only available to authorized users.

The overall value and security features associated with folder synchronization by far outweigh the price. If a business is not considering using cloud-based services in everyday business, especially when the business is taken abroad, the company is leaving tens of thousands, if not millions of dollars on the table. This translates to a pure loss of money.


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