suset on the beach

craig calabrese

THE MAN ON THE BEACH this is a true story an experience I will never forget the rest of my life and i like to share. While fishing on the beach alone one night here several days ago it early evening around 6 pm a man came up out of nowhere i did not see him coming we started talking I mentioned how beautifull the ocean and the sunset was he said yes it is and looking at it hes said looking at its easy to believe there is a god I said to him yes there is and Im a believer in the lord he said to me yes I know you are ! which caught me off gaurd how did he know ? he had a certain aura to him a smile that radiated we talked i told him my story and how i was an artist I how i wanted to serve god in some way the rest of my life with charity work or what christians call service he said he knew that too
there was some wierd stuff going on here folks I lite a ciggirette up and he said me i used to smoke too 2 packs a day he said to me if you jesus for help you can quit easily he then asked me for my card i did not i never had any made he said he said he would look me up when he got home to look at my art work well he left and i was fishing strange again I never saw him really walk away I quit smoking very next day i forget the guy on the beach until I was a thrown wide awake at 3 am I felt presence and almost felt my maker that was with me on the beach that night and I almost went into shock realizing 2000
years ago he also approached fisherman on a beach and made them fishers of men
oh my god!!!


Born and raised in new england began painting at a young age with oils and acrylics an avid nature lover my paintings are often on subject matter that reflects new England or nature i like old barns , lighthouses and natural landscapes in the backcountry or wild settings I became interested in watercolor and found the medium to be challenging I paint only with watercolors now and co...(Read More)

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