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Zambia, like much of Africa is a destination many overlook when planning their next travel adventure. However this is changing slowly, and considering Africa is such a spectacular continent with treasures to be found at any destination you visit it is no wonder that tourism across Africa is on the increase particular in the form of multi centre holidays.

With so many places to visit it really is difficult to single out just the one to write a review for but such is the case and for me there really is only one place, and that is Zambia. From start to finish your time in Zambia will be taken up by excursions like no other and the warm hearts of locals welcoming you everywhere you go. 

A good place to start would be one of the most well known locations on earth, Victoria Falls. Found on the Zambezi River, Zambia’s legendary life blood the famous waterfall is found between Zambia and Zimbabwe and is truly breathtaking to view in real life. As the largest waterfall in the world tourism is on the rise which numbers clambering to take in Victoria Falls which can be viewed from both Zambia and Zimbabwe. However with political tension in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe’s reign the number of visitors to that side of the border is now decreasing, although this has never influenced my decision I have always preferred to take in the falls from Zambia. The views from Livingstone Island on the Zambian side are truly spectacular and personally my favourite place to view Victoria Falls. 

Like much of Africa Zambia offers some of the best places to view wild animals in their natural environment and the best place in Zambia is by far Kafue national park, famous for its Safari Tours. Kafue national park is the oldest and largest of the countries parks and one of the biggest in the whole of Africa. The park is only a 2 hours drive from Livingstone and is renowned for its frequent sightings of lions, leopards, cheetahs, rare antelopes, elephants & crocodiles. To write a full list of the animals you could be likely to see would take me all day but one thing I do know is that a trip to Kafue national park would ensure you return exhilarated and with stories to last you a life time.

Other locations to visit during your trip to Zambia that I’d highly recommend would be Lower Zambezi to take in a River Adventure tour which will present you with some beautiful picture opportunities and also a number of wildlife sanctuaries including the chimp sanctuary and animal orphanage. As mentioned wherever you choose to visit you will be welcomed with beaming smiles and open arms which makes sure you will be sure to return home longing to return to the beautiful country of Zambia. 

As well as multi centre holidays to Africa, Far East multi centre holidays are also on the rise as travellers look to get the most out of their trips abroad. 


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