The Meanings behind Your Glove Choice


When I first saw the title of this article, I thought to myself, "Oh, gee, here comes another stupid 'what your stuff says about you' article." But this piece on fashionable hand wear has just enough cheekiness to make me smile, and you should check it out as well; it's a quick read and pretty funny.


By all accounts and weather forecasts, it’s glove season just about everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere—even California has been seeing temps drop perilously close to “brisk.”

And your last line of defense against that bone-chilling frigidness: a good pair of finger-sweaters.

So we went ahead and surveyed all of the hand-sheltering options out there to help you find the right ones—and in our long tradition of telling you what your sartorial choices are saying about you, we’ve put together a handy guide. Read More

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