The Most Stylish Men on Earth

Stefano Pilati


Tommy Ton has created an inspirational list of who he considers to be the most stylish men in the world. Guys, while looking through the gallery and reading about these men, take note of the way their dressed so you can start applying their ensemble concepts to your own wardrobe: There's a reason these guys are on this killer list and we're not.


Contrary to popular belief, making lists, like pimpin', ain't easy. So, when it came time to narrow down the most stylish men in world, it made sense to turn to pretty much the only guy qualified to take such subjective matters and make them, well, objective. I'm not gonna lie, having the greatest street style photographer alive on speed dial is what made this possible. This is 100% Tommy's list and that's exactly what makes it worthwhile. Always a fan, first and foremost, Tommy lives and breathes this stuff, which is exactly what makes his work and perspective so compelling. Read More

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