The Paris Fashion Week Looms With Promise


Iamge via

Milan may have beaten Paris out the door, but who really thinks Milan will out-chic the inventors of the term? The legendary men's fashion exhibition promises five days of the finest fashion minds pouring out the fruit of their labor for the world to see. Move over, Milan, the real fashion is coming.


On Wednesday, Paris Fashion Week men’s edition will open it’s doors to the world’s sharpest fashion editors, bloggers, and photographers for five whole days of sartorial pleasure, parties, and printemps collections.


And though the week may not stir up as much of a storm as its womenswear counterpart, there’s still plenty of fashion fun to be had with the menswear collections... and lots of eye candy too!


Day one will get off to a gentle start with designers like Valentino and Raf Simons presenting their latest offerings for the Spring 2014 season, plus a new arrival on the Paris Fashion Week men’s calendar, in the form of Haider Ackermann. (Read More)

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