The Pleated Pants Revival... Almost


It seems like pleated pants are making a speck of a comeback right now, but I think I fall into the latter group of people who this article discusses: I'm not really a fan of the style. I'd much rather just stick to casual slacks, how about you?


Check your prejudices at the door fellas. For openminded men looking to expand their wardrobes, the pleated pant is enjoying something of a comeback. Unlike the shapeless pants that were once popular with the casual Friday crowd, this new breed is tailored with new proportions and a new personality. One of the brands leading this revival? Unis. Designer Eunice Lee has a reputation for pared down staples that are as cool as they are comfortable and these trousers, made in America from soft Italian cotton, exemplify that philosophy. "I think it's nice for guys to have options—a closet full of the exact same style of pant seems so boring," says Lee. Read More

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