The Power and Style of a Historic Emblem: Motivation Behind Every Jaguar Collection UK

The Jaguar logo has undergone a few changes over the years. In every incarnation, though, it has been emblematic of a unique combination of attributes: power, style and luxury.

There are, however, few other sports cars that can claim the same heritage as Jaguar. The Jaguar marque has been associated with creating luxury performance cars ever since the period between World War I and World War II: vehicles that were as home on the track at Brands Hatch or Le Mans as they were in the driveways of sweeping country estates.

A Jaguar collection UK, then, is about more than just memorabilia. It’s about passion.

The Heritage of a Symbol

There are three distinctive historic Jaguar logos, each of which has a specific connotation. The oldest is the word “jaguar”, which is presented in red on a white background, inside a stretched diamond. This emblem appeared on the overalls of the first Jaguar mechanics, and is still redolent with associations from the manufacturer’s early days as a winning sports car maker.

Then there’s the leaping cat, the Jaguar emblem probably most familiar to the fan. Anyone with an interest in a Jag collection UK has probably got at least one piece of merchandise or memorabilia showing the streamlined shape of the jumping jaguar. It’s the image most closely associated with the three pillars of the company’s history – grace, power and luxury, as noted above.

The third Jaguar symbol is known as the “growler”. This is a full face cat head emblem, showing the jaguar with bared teeth and bristling whiskers. It was most commonly used on the Jaguar-Daimler vehicles that were produced during the 1970s and 1980s – the more distinctively executive and luxurious versions of the streamlined XJ series.

Jaguar Old and New

One of the most defining attributes of the Jaguar machine is its unbroken lineage. The current XF engine, for example, is a direct lineal descendant of the plant that powered the legendary E Type, and most of Jaguar’s production models throughout the latter part of the 20th century.

It is this continuous line of development that really sets the brand apart in the mind of anyone who owns a Jaguar collection. The model of the E Type on his or her desk has the same lines, the same DNA, as the model XK adorning the shelf in the garage. Its expression of power is different, appropriate to the era – but the underlying assurance behind the engineering has barely changed in 50 years.

Toys for Fans

Jaguar is one of the few car marques to gain a genuine fan base – people who love the vehicles for what they represent, rather than just because they are quick, or pretty, or expensive. Only one or two other marques can be said to have passed into popular consciousness in this way.

It is no surprise, then, that the toys and models required for any Jag collection UK exist in the first place. After all, it takes something special to make a grown adult want to own a toy car. Jaguar has that special ability.



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