The rise of Staycations and the New Build Home

Holidays are an important part of life. When the stresses of every day hectic life gets to be too much for you, it’s nice to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle. Holidays give us the chance to recharge our batteries and refresh ourselves body and soul. However, the question of where to holiday can often be a source of stress and frustration. However, it seems that travel trends are changing to a more local flavour, which very well may have an effect on the property market at large.

The rise of the ‘staycation,’ in other words holidaying at home or at least remaining within the UK, has led to an increase in people buying and maintaining second homes, with 2010 seeing a new record high in the South West alone. The trend is continuing strong, with many preferring to stay in the country to get their rest and relaxation. It’s not hard to see why people are choosing to keep it local for their holidays nowadays; money is tight all over and the cost of travelling abroad is simply out of the question for many, especially if you’re in a lower income bracket or you have a family. However, it also remains that most people can’t afford a second home either.

However, second homes can present some good opportunities, even to the point that you can make some extra money. Second homes, after all, don’t necessarily have to spend the majority of the year empty. The question is, if you do decide to buy a second home, what kind of second home should you buy? Are you looking for a stylish flat in the city, or perhaps something a little more isolated and idyllic? There are plenty of beautiful locations in the UK worth visiting, all of which offer their own advantages and sights worth seeing, but the property type is just as important.

New build homes offer creative and financial opportunities. Many companies will carry out ‘build to order’ homes, giving the buyers more control over the way their house will turn out. If you choose a new build for your second home, you can design it as your perfect getaway. When you’re not using the property, you can rent it out to other holiday goers, especially if you choose a particularly popular location. Second homes also act as a ‘generational home,’ a place to be shared by family, from grandparents to grandchildren. A go to holiday home offers a security that other holidays don’t; you will always have somewhere to go, a mainstay that you can always fall back on even if you decide to go elsewhere.

If you have the ability, why not consider a new build as a second home? They’re cost effective, practical and open to innovation. New build homes as a second property also act as an excellent investment in the long run and will serve you well year after year. It might seem like an unlikely option, but you may find that it will be worth much more than you actually pay for in the long run.

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