The September Issues, One Model Two Covers

Vogue’s September issue is the queen of all issues of the year, introducing new lines for Fall and the looks and trends for the upcoming year. There was even a documentary film titled after the month’s issue, a behind-the-scenes drama that follows editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and staff during the production of the September 2007 issue of American Vogue Magazine.  With all the excitement over a single month, the selection for a cover model is one of the most important and challenging decisions for the publication. Typically American Vogue has picks the biggest celebrity of the moment, like selecting Lady Gaga for the forthcoming 2012 September Issue. But one person makes the magazine bend the rules as she sits on not one, but two covers and declares her international supermodel status. And she is only 19 years-old.

Karlie Kloss joins the elite ranks of cover models and celebrities posing on the front of Vogue UK and Vogue Japan. Kloss definitely shows her diverse looks as the two issues are stark opposites. The UK edition is upbeat, colorful and retro showing off Kloss’ long legs, hair and youthful appearance. And across the ocean, Japan’s issue is dark, sultry and seductive with Kloss’ hair slicked back in a sleek black dress. Looks like this young fashion model has a busy month and fruitful career ahead.

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