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The Six Craziest Waterslides Around World

The Six Craziest Waterslides Around World

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a just looking for a little fun in the sun, a waterpark is a great way to spend a day. There are all kinds of wacky water adventures. From slides designed after ancient temples to slides with death defying drops, to the world’s tallest water slides,no two slides are alike on our list of Crazy Waterslides. Check out these jaw-dropping, fist-clenching waterslides scattered around the world.

1. Summit Plummet, Florida

Thrill seekers, this is your water ride. Disney’s Blizzard Beach hosts this 120-foot slide that’s as close to a vertical drop as you can get. You’ll drop 12 stories, rushing through dark tunnels and splashing into whitewater at the bottom of this fast-paced ride. A clock in the pool will show your course speed. If you’ve got a stomach of steel, this ride is for you.


2. Leap of Faith, Paradise Island

Want to swim with the sharks? Or at least whiz by them? The Leap of Faith waterslide drops you down a 60-foot slide and into a clear tunnel with sharks swimming around. The slide, located on Bahamas’ Paradise Island, looks like a Mayan temple with intricate carvings around it and a blue-green lagoon to land in.


3. Insano

The name says it all, you have to be insane to speed down this waterslide. It currently holds the record in the Guinness book of World Records for the World’s Tallest Waterslide at 135-feet tall – that’s about 14 stories high! You’ll shoot through the open-faced tunnel at speeds near 65 mph. You’ll have to head to Brazil to check out this high-flying water ride. To get your money’s worth, you might want to ride it a few times; it’s over with in five seconds.


4. Big Thunder, Florida

Florida makes the list again with Big Thunder. Located in Rapids Water Park, this multi-person ride is great for those who want a little company plunging down a giant waterslide. A few sharp turns and black tunnels won’t prepare you for the 45 degree plunge into a funnel that propels you back up the opposite side. For a second, you’ll feel like you’re suspended in midair.


5. Behemoth Bowl, China

Grab your buddies and ride in the cloverleaf tube through a hair-swirling ride atChimelong Water Park in China. The Behemoth Bowl shoots riders down two vertical platforms and through translucent flumes before the tube goes spinning around the bowl and down a giant chute.


6. JumeirahSceirah, Dubai

This wild ride catapults a two-person capsule through the water in no time. Riders have to cross their arms and legs once they’re in the capsule and prepare for the massive drop that awaits them after the floor under the capsule gives way.


A word to the wise - eat lunch after you hit these crazy waterslides and be sure to follow the waterpark rules to avoid getting hurt.


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