The Top 3 Light Therapy Alarm Clocks (2013)

Dawn simulator alarm clocks are one of the brightest ideas of this century. Instead of an early morning heart attack caused by the annoying alarm clock, a light therapy alarm clock works with your body’s natural rhythms to wake you up with gradually brightening light, naturally re-setting your sleep/wake cycle to help you feel refreshed, alert and energized all day.

Some of the dawn simulators, like the Philips Wake up light, will also simulate dusk to help you fall asleep. A necessary feature for shift workers having trouble falling asleep.

 How Dawn Simulators Work?

Even when you are asleep, the eyes register and recognize the increase in light and signal the body that “the sun” is coming up. The pineal gland is signaled by the increase in light to produce serotonin – The “feel good” hormone and cortisol – That wakes you up.

Plus, it reduces the production of sleep hormones (melatonin) as well. This is the best way to prevent morning crabbiness and irritability – You gradually awaken just as you would if you were sleeping in front of a window that lit the room with the rising sun. This means more productivity, energy and lifted mood for the rest of the day.

How to Choose a Dawn Simulator?

There are many light therapy alarm clocks our there, with different features, elements and of course – Prices. These are the 3 most popular ones and I will explain why:...

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