The Top Luxury Cars for 2014: Entry-Level Models for 2014

The luxury car is the ultimate status symbol and can provide many years of enjoyment for the owner. Even if you’ve saved hard-earned cash for a high-end vehicle, however, it can be extremely difficult to find a model that meets your expectations while also allowing you to remain in budget.

This is why entry-level luxury vehicles are so popular, as they sit at the more affordable end of the market. The competition that exists in this class is stronger than it has ever been, with luxury car manufacturers clambering over each other to deliver lavish and high-performance cars that deliver genuine value for money.

The Top 3 Entry-Level Cars for 2014

With this in mind, which three entry-level luxury cars are set to dominate the market in 2014? Consider the following: -

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

For an avid follower of luxury cars, the Mercedes brand remains a leading and iconic brand. The C-Class is the most popular entry-level Mercedes, and this model has retained the same look and exterior design for some time. While the 2014 car may have some similarities with previous models, however, much has changed beneath the surface as the designers have strived to integrate a new dashboard, update technology and improved engine performance. These changes have enhanced the luxury appeal of the car, and guaranteed its status as one of the most coveted vehicles of 2014.

Lincoln MKZ

While the Lincoln brand of vehicles remains under the radar with most auto enthusiasts, it continues to produce high quality, entry-level luxury cars. In fact, it has gone to great lengths to focus on this class in recent years, with the Fusion-based MKZ the fruit of this considerable labour. It starts with Ford’s EcoBoost, turbocharged 2.0-litren 4-cylinder engine, while it also boasts a 240-hp motor and a pristine interior. If you also associate space and rear leg-room with opulence and luxury, then the Lincoln MKZ is the ideal vehicle for you.

The Lexus IS

Every year brings the inclusion of a new player on the entry-level luxury market, as a growing number of brands look to capitalise on growth within the sector. This year it is the turn of Lexus to take centre stage, with their rear-wheel IS model delivering a sleek, muscular and luxurious driving experience to motorists. Its lavish appearance was designed to turn heads and wow driver, while also enabling them to enjoy a luxury vehicle without being forced to spend outside of their means. This model as added something new for luxury car enthusiasts, and it may well emerge as the best-selling entry-level vehicle for 2014.

The Bottom Line

Luxury car ownership is a passion for many affluent citizens, as it serves as something of a status symbol that represents success, wealth and achievement. These entry level cars make it possible for a wider range of individuals to pursue their passion for luxury vehicles, as they deliver a unique driving experience at a more than affordable price.

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