The Top Ten Men's Luxury Ties

As the saying goes, if a man wishes to be successful, he must present the image of success.  When one moves up the corporate ladder and finds oneself being invited to more and more top-tier social events, one’s wardrobe will come under scrutiny, and cheap, poor quality clothing will give a negative impression.  One of the most important accessories a man can have is a good, luxurious tie.  Not only will it feel like the man is treating himself to something of great quality, it will add another dimension of sophistication to his ensemble, reflecting the success he is enjoying professionally and socially.  For those who can’t afford the luxury ties but would like the “look”, a good place to look is S Buckinghams who have an extensive selection of more affordable ties.  Also, for those who can afford it, here are some of the best ties on the market today for the more discerning buyer.


This French classic house of fashion is renowned for their quality silks and subtle designs which are instantly recognizable.  For the gentleman who wishes to enjoy discreet luxury, the ideal tie is the Hermès Maille de Soie five-fold, hand-made solid-colouredtie, which is made with a heavy, gridded silk which is beautiful to the touch and a delight to behold without being brash.

Duchamp London

Specialists in traditional suits, shirts and trousers with a modern edge, Duchamp make very fine ties in boldcoloursfor men who wish to stand out from the crowd, yet still maintain a “British” look.  The Court Garden Floral Tie has a warp satin ground and the specialized weaving technique exclusive to Duchamp allows for a great variation incolours.


This high-end shirt maker and tailor opened the first shirt shop in the early 1800’s in France.  Charvet’s superior quality ties are generally thickmulticolourbrocade silk with a high yarn count and go through a proprietary finishing for fluidity, lustre, and resilience.  Sewn entirely by hand, “Charvet” has become a generic term synonymous with luxury neckwear for men.  While most ties sold are five-fold, seven-fold ties are available on request.

Turnbull and Asser

Turnbull and Asser, Gentleman’s shirt maker of the UK, are well-known for only using silks from British Mills which is of higher quality than silks produced elsewhere.  Along with using fabric cut on the bias rather than the grain, Turbull and Asser’s ties are softer, more fluid, and are suppler than those of other fashion houses; yet still produce a good knot.


Hofmann and Co AG

This Swiss company specializes in men’s neckwear, and have tailored the world’s most luxurious tie.  Using a new material developed by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, the tie is made of 8 grams of woven 24-karat gold.  The ties will be available for a limited time to promote the newly-developed fabric.

Carlo Franco

Another famed specialist in men’s ties, Italian company Carlo Franco produces seven-fold, 100% Italian woven silk ties that are made by Italian artisans.  For neckwear purists, traditional seven-fold ties cut from one piece of cloth with hand-rolled and hand-sewn tips are available.


Kiton, the Italian tailor that produces ready-to-wear as well as custom tailored suits for men, also enjoys fame as a superior producer of men’s luxury ties.  All ties produced at Kiton are seven-fold silk and are all hand-finished.


A tailor of hand-made suits from Italy, Brioni makes ties that are sought after by men wanting a classic look without “bling”; Brioni ties rarely, if ever, display garish logos.  The ties are seven-fold and silk, however one must be warned not to buy a Brioni tie from internet auction sites as the ties sold will most likely be cheap replicas.


For the man who wants a more casual look yet doesn’t want to give up any of the luxury associated with a good tie, Burberry’s striped silk knitted tie will be a good choice.  Being very modern and done in the “skinny” style, this is the perfect tie for younger men on the up-and-up social scene.


An obsession with quality silks along with an obsession for cut and design has made Zegna, established in 1910, not only a well-know luxury tailor, but an excellent manufacturer of silk jacquard neckwear for men as well.  Again, classic lines with no bold logo displays make the ties from Zegna simply outstanding.

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