The Tribal Prints- Be Ready for a Chic Look

The tribal prints are the current fashion phenomena and what works the best is they are versatile and represents the individual personalities.

Origin of Aztec Prints

The Aztec prints are also called as king of tribal prints because they are both adaptable and flexible. These prints occupied a predominant position in 14thand 16thcenturies. The name of these prints comes from the name of people’s language that they used to speak (Nahuatl) that means the people of Aatan and their original ancestral home. Aside from that, these people were equipped with artistic, musical, mathematical and astronomical skills.

Aztecs were considered as an extraordinary engineers and architects. Above all, they had a vast trading network, and hence they were able to make use of dyes and thus creating exceptional designs that we see today. Conventionally, the art prints reflected the replicas of insects, fish, birds and animals. The traditional clothing comprises of the bright color paltterns like hues and red , yellow and blue.

Why these Prints Invaded the Markets

What makes these prints the best is they come in a variety of gorgeous shades and they add a zing to your look. Above all, it appeals to the modern Indian sensibilitiesand satisfies their urge for colors that pop. The eminent fashion designer Kwazulu used embroidery inspired by this print and other kind of tribal prints on the handbags and shoes for her latest collection.

The Aztec clothing is inspired by the tribes that built Aztec empire in the Central Mexico. The prints summarize strong shapes, and fabrics that are brimmed with circles, triangles and black outlines and a lot of bold colors. The colors and textures represent the vibrance and vivacity of the tropics.

This print made its debut apperance in the modern runaway in 2009 and at the Mathhew Williamson spring/summer collection. And unless you’ve been living under the rocks, you must have witnessed that tribal prints have become a rage, and the Aztec print is the king. Don’t forget to accentuate it with accessories like sweaters, dresses and tights, there is nothing that where you can’t find the prints.

So, whether it is Versace or Carven or a high street fashion shop, everyone loves to add a bit of Aztec print in their own way. The Indian creative fashion designer Manish Arora introduced this print in graffitiinspired fall 2012 in Paris Fashion Week in March. It was an Aztec print with a twist with blurred edges, as if it is made up of the spray paint.

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