The Truth About Luxury Assisted Living in the U.S.: Is Value More Important than Bottom Line Cost?

Choosing whether or not to enter an assisted living facility is a difficult decision, as it has has significant financial and emotional consequences for everyone involved. By committing to join a residential home and benefit from a full time package of care, you are taking a formative step towards securing comfort and a greater quality of life.

This decision is far easier to take than it has been in previous generations, however, thanks primarily to the development of more diverse and well equipped facilities throughout the U.S.. From modest, single room apartments to more lavish and luxurious accommodation, there is an ample range of choice to suit multiple budgetary and geographical constraints.

The Truth About Luxury Assisted Living: It’s Benefits for  Clients

Luxury senior living facilities offer a particularly interesting option, as although they cost a considerably more than the national average they also include a wider range amenities and benefits. If funding this type accommodation is within your financial scope, then it is worth consideration as it delivers far greater value than a number of less costly alternatives. Consider the following: -

The Complete Package of Care

If you are too preoccupied with bottom line price points, you may miss out on the best possible package of care. While a typical one room apartment in a residential home may cost approximately $3000 per month, this may only include meals and accommodation. This means that other desirable services such as house keeping will need to funded separately, which will cause a significant rise in the overall cost of care. Although luxury assisted living facilities cost more to access, they include a more comprehensive range of services and create a more comforting environment. If you are someone who prioritizes value for money ahead of cost, luxury assisted living may be the ideal option for your retirement.

Specialist Care and Medical Attention

While luxury residential facilities carry higher price points, it is important to consider how this revenue is utilized. Not only do luxury homes boast more spacious and opulent living spaces, but they also offer guests access to the highest quality of medical attention and specialist care. Not only catering for physical impairments, there are numerous luxury abodes that train their staff to handle a range of advanced mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s. This kind of attention to detail is made possible by the reinvestment of additional funds, which guarantees a far higher quality of life to you and your loved ones.

The Importance of Peace of Mind

Should your physical or mental condition be undermined by the passing of time, it is important to remember that you are not alone in carrying the burden. Partners, children and immediate family members also suffer from anxiety and distress, as they remain concerned for your general levels of health and well being. By committing yourself to a luxury assisted living facility, you have the opportunity to afford your family peace of mind while also living as comfortably as possible. This benefit should be underestimated, especially if wish to ease the psychological burden of those who love and care for you.

In Summary

As adults, we are all preconditioned to think in a certain way when it comes to finances. Often we automatically make purchasing or investment decisions based on bottom line cost, rather than considering the importance of long term value for money. So although you may be reluctant to consider luxury assisted living as a viable option, its additional benefits and inclusive services may offer far greater value and help to considerably enhance your quality of life.


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