The ultimate guide to bras for plus-sized ladies

While it's true that good things can come in small packages, it's also true that fabulous things come in curvy packages. Lingerie has come a long way over the years and today there's a whole world of choice when it comes to bras for the curvier girl.

Gone are the days when the only choices a busty girl had were homely bras in plain white or basic beige. Lingerie manufacturers have wised-up to the needs of today's women and now plus-sized ladies can choose from bras in fabulous fits, sleek fabrics and fun colours. However, this can make choosing the right one a little tricky. Here are a few basic rules to keep in mind when for your next lingerie shopping trip.

Getting the fit right:

Curvy women need more support; because of this, plus size bras which you intend to wear on an everyday basis should have thicker straps so that they don't dig into your shoulders and an underwire to help lift the bust. Also, it's a good idea to look for a wider back strap, which comes with three or four hooks; this will ensure that your bra doesn't bunch and roll up during the day. Make sure that it fits comfortably on the strap's middle hook; this way, your bra can be adjusted to make it slightly larger or smaller, if you gain or lose weight.

Additionally, do not try to squeeze yourself into a bra with a smaller cup size. This is unflattering and uncomfortable. It's usually best to try on the bra before buying, as sizes can vary slightly from one brand to another. If the lingerie shop you're in offers a measuring service (it's normally free), then have yourself fitted, as it's all too common for women to think that they're larger or smaller than they actually are.

What type of bra do you need?

It's a good idea to have a mixture of different bra types, so that you have the option of tailoring your lingerie to your clothing and your mood. A lot of plus sized bras now come with convertible straps; these are great for ladies who want a versatile bra which they can wear with a whole host of different outfits; from a halter neck, to a strapless, to a low-back top. In terms of style, although there's no denying that bows and lace are pretty, seamless is queen when you want to wear tees and fitted sweaters, as they'll give a smooth, flawless appearance.

Full cup bras are ideal for those with a fuller bust, as this type of bra offers plenty of support. It's designed with your comfort in mind and so will normally have a three section cup which can offer more support, as well as a side bone for extra control and stronger wings at the side for a smoother fit. Full cup bras, as a general rule, always come with an underwire.

Non-wired, soft cup bras are best suited for those that want total comfort. These are idea for any ladies that have undergone surgery, nursing mothers and those who want to wear a bra while they sleep. With this type of bra, you never have to worry about wires digging in and making you feel uncomfortable.

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