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The Unavailable Dress from the Oscars


While many of the gowns and suits seen at the Oscars aren't available to many due to high prices, Helen Hunt's blue H&M dress just won't be available anywhere, which is regrettable because the one- of-a-kind gown was gorgeous.

When most stars were asked which designer they were wearing on the red carpet at last nightís Oscars the answers were as expected: Armani, Prada, Dior, Valentino. But Helen Huntís response caught us more than a little off guard. Thatís because she wore H&M.

The dress was part of H&Mís eco-friendly ďConscious CollectionďĖonly you wonít be able to buy it off the rack for your next black tie event. An H&M spokesperson tells us the silk satin gown was made specially for Hunt. Read More

Michael P.

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