The Value Of The Work Hard, Play Hard Ethic Explained By Entrepreneur Rich Gorman

Entrepreneur Rich Gorman believes that rewarding yourself for hard work is a must for business and personal growth. If you’re toiling away in the office every day, a reward will help drive your sense of motivation.

Money in the bank is considered by many to be the most important reward for hard work. But enjoying yourself is vital for every successful business person, Gorman advocates. Without some time to relax, recuperate and enjoy the spoils of your hard work, you can lose the drive that helped your business grow.

“I love an affluent lifestyle,” says Gorman. “Look, you know the old saying work hard, play hard. I heavily promote rewarding yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of anyone else.”

If you’re not used to treating yourself, you may not know where to begin. According to magazine, many successful entrepreneurs focus on the little things. Small splurges can give a big boost that goes a long way to getting through the work week – or just the day. Allow yourself to splurge on the purchase of something special – whether it’s a pair of shoes or a fancy meal – and you will give yourself the motivation you need to keep up your hard work.

Gorman agrees that indulging yourself can help drive your success.

“Once a year, I buy myself a watch based on how well I did that year,” he says. “Setting goals and learning how to reward yourself for meeting them is important.”

Building some self-care time into your schedule is also vital, and it’s often those who work hardest that don’t do enough of this. Entrepreneur Kim Kaupe of ZinePak told magazine that her way of caring for herself is to allow herself extra sleep on some nights. It keeps her mind clear and body healthy and ensures she’s in top shape to keep her business going.

Going on a vacation is another essential that is often overlooked by hardworking executives. Online business-owner Brendan McCarthy told that he often takes extended business trips to balance out his hard work with some play. It gives him a chance to enjoy a new place, see some sights and relax before returning to the grind. Entrepreneur Quienetha Frasier devotes Sunday afternoons to recharging for the upcoming week by unplugging her gadgets and reading or enjoying music. This not only helps her recuperate, but also revitalizes her mind and gives her inspiration.

Executives and busy workers often miss out on the gratification of exercise and healthy activities, but advises that fitness goals – such as running a race or managing a new yoga pose – can exist alongside of your main business goals. They can help you maintain balance by mixing up your routine.When you need some time to kick back and release the tension you built from stressful meetings at work, a professional massage can be invaluable.

Doing the same thing every day can be demotivating, so it’s a good idea to mix it up with some new activities. Try picking up a new hobby, like learning a musical instrument. Another option, advises entrepreneur Patrick Conley, is to upgrade your gadgets. This can also help your business as well by allowing you to become more efficient and technologically up-to-date.

While it’s okay – and even important – to take care of yourself, it is just as important to live reasonably so you can afford the lifestyle you want to maintain, Gorman suggests.

“I think to achieve luxury living, you need to live within your means,” Gorman said. “I just bought a home this year, until this year I rented, because a $750k house is far nicer than a $500k house, and I wanted to wait until I could invest in that luxury.”

But, he explains, dreaming of a more luxurious lifestyle is a great way to prod yourself to accomplish more. If you’re living a $50k salary, you may be motivated to build something greater for yourself if that is what you are seeking.

“What I tell people is, if you want something different, you have to do something different. You can’t expect to have a better outcome if you’re engaging in the same types of activities as everyone else. If you’re doing what people who make $50k per year are doing, you shouldn’t expect to make $500k per year,” Gorman said.

Whether you’re living the life of a successful entrepreneur or just working hard to meet your business goals, your industrious efforts deserve rich rewards. According to Rich Gorman, motivating yourself to keep working hard or to accomplish bigger goals is fundamental to achieving success in your business and life.

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