"The Way of the Ghost" with Rolls-Royce Beverly Hills
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Kelly Serfoss

The Way of the Ghost

Taoism gives us the concept of yin and yang: seemingly opposing forces that are actually interconnected, creating a whole greater than either part. Now Rolls-Royce Beverly Hills presents two Ghosts, appointed in the traditional colors of the yin-yang and conceived on opposite sides of the globe, to offer a Rolls-Royce selection that is more than the sum of its individual motorcars. 

From Germany, the continent’s capital of engineering precision, comes the White Ghost Limited from famed automotive designer Mansory. It is a modification that aims to increase the Ghost’s sophisticated elegance while also bestowing an added touch of sportiness, accentuating the Ghost’s inherent body style. Features include a new front spoiler with additional LED daytime running lights, vertical air outlets, updated side skirts, and rear apron with implied diffuser and dual end pipes of the sport exhaust system, as well as a new wheel design especially for the White Ghost Limited.

From Japan, land of innovation and technology, the Ghost Black Bison brings the aggressive lines of legendary automotive tuner Wald International to the Rolls-Royce Ghost. The Black Bison modification adds a host of new aerodynamic components including an updated front bumper, modified side skirts, a rear fascia with an integrated diffuser, a new set of alloy wheels, lowered suspension, and enhanced sport exhaust system.

Whether drawn to light or dark, black or white, elegance or aggression, yin or yang, O’Gara Coach Company’s Rolls-Royce Beverly Hills has the unique vehicles to put you on the path to automotive enlightenment.

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