The World's Most Expensive Apartments

Many of the world’s nouveau riche are coming from the most crowded cities on earth—Tokyo, Mumbai, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro—and with square footage at a premium, the bar for luxury in apartments is rising ever higher. Here are a few of the most expensive, luxuriously-appointed apartments from all over the world.

1. One Hyde Park, London

This joint-venture between London developers and Saudi oil magnates provides the most expensive private real estate all of Britain. Despite being right in the middle of downtown London, each apartment boasts five bedrooms, with terraces featuring park and city views, imported marble floors in the bathrooms, and 24-hour concierge service. A Ukrainian oil magnate owns the penthouse, once the most expensive apartment on earth, with 25,000 square feet encased in bulletproof glass.

2. 15 Central Park West, New York City

The 10,600 square-foot penthouse of this ultra-luxury condo overlooks Central Park, with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, and a 700-foot wraparound terrace providing a full view of downtown. It also boasts a 75-foot swimming pool, an oak-paneled library, wine cellar, and an in-house chef. Unsurprisingly, the current asking price is nearly $100 million. It’s currently owned by hedge fund titan David Loeb, who views it as an investment property.

3. Antilia, Mumbai

This barely qualifies as an apartment, since Indian business mogul  Mukesh Ambani has converted the entire $1 billion building into a 400,000-square-foot mansion home. It features a spa level, three helipads, and six floors of underground parking—as well as 600 staff to keep the place running. It’s 27 stories tall, but many of the floors feature double or triple vaulted ceilings, so it rises to the equivalent height of a 40-story building. The spa level contains a movie theater, a full-size Olympic swimming pool, and a full gymnasium.

4. The House, Tokyo

The House is the least pricey apartment on our list at $21.8 million—but what makes it incredible is that it’s the most expensive one-bedroom flat on earth. It comes with custom-designed furniture, original works by Japanese artists, imported Italian marble and exotic hardwoods, and a fully enclosed courtyard garden. It’s not a small apartment, with 4,000 square feet—but all the living space has been devoted to amenities like vast closet storage systems, an opulent bathroom and kitchen, and two dining areas.

5. Opus Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This Frank Gehry condominium is nestled between the subtropical hills of Hong Kong and the bay, with huge, sweeping views of the city. Each floor of the tower houses a single apartment, and the eighth-floor penthouse is the most expensive apartment in Asia, at $61 million. It features a private pool, gymnasium, and teak-lined balconies designed to look like the prow of a ship. Many Hong Kongers consider the eighth floor auspicious, since the Cantonese word for “eight” rhymes with “wealth”.

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