The World's Most Expensive T-Shirt


For $91,000 you could buy a couple of cars, get so-so college education, put a down payment on a house or you could spend it on a T-shirt. Made from crocodile leather, this couture piece definitely looks like a great t-shirt, just not $91,000 worth. What do you think? If you had the cash to spare would you spend almost $100k on a shirt?


If you thought you have seen it all, then this will for sure top it off. French luxury brand Hermès is known for its at times outrageous prices, but when we saw the price tag of this new crocodile leather t-shirt, we were shocked as well. The above tee goes for $91,500 USD in Hermès boutiques around the globe. This has to be the most expensive t-shirt in the world. Source: High Snobiety

Michael P.

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