Themed Rooms : How Colour Affects your Life


Decorating the home is an exciting opportunity; it gives you the chance to express yourself whilst giving your home a revitalised look; but then that leaves the question of what to actually do when it comes to decorating. The concept of themed rooms and homes are becoming more and more popular, with many seeing them as a neat and unique new form of interior design that offers a multitude of possibilities.

The first question, of course, is what should the theme be? The great thing about this type of interior design is that you can do pretty much anything that takes your fancy, but obviously some themes will look better than others. In Edgar Allen Poe’s short story, ‘Masque of the Red Death,’ we hear the tale of a prince who has had every room in his castle themed after colours, including red, purple, yellow, green and black. Now, obviously you won’t be decorating a castle, but the idea of theming rooms by colour is a strong one and offers a lot of creative opportunities to reinvigorate the tired décor.


Professional interior designers are already aware of how much colour can affect a person’s mood and overall wellbeing, and using certain colours for certain rooms will have a much more significant effect than simply being aesthetically pleasing. For example, if you have an office in your home and want to give it a boost, then decking it out in variations of the colour blue might be the way forward. Blue is a calming colour, but also helps to increase productivity. Given its calming influences, it would also be a great choice for a bedroom or bathroom Meanwhile, the colour red is one that increases energy and stimulates , so might be better suited to a living room (especially if you like to use it for entertaining) or the dining room (it’s even been suggested that the colour can increase ones appetite). It’s definitely not the best colour for a bedroom, by contrast, as it is too stimulating for a room designed for rest and relaxation. Each colour has a profoundly different effect on mood and health and, if used properly, can turn your home into an emotionally enriching landscape.


If the idea of redesigning your home to match a theme interests you, why not give it a try? Of course, it all depends on each person’s tastes and preferences. Professional interior designers understand how to use colour effectively, but if you’re more a ‘do it yourself’ sort than you can only go with what suits you best. Mix it up a little and play around with colour variations, ranging from lighter, airier shades to darker, richer tones and see how it changes the atmosphere of the room. Match up the walls to the furniture with clever accessorising with ornaments, curtains, throws and sheets. Once you have your colour scheme laid out, you can turn to sites like Linens Direct for high quality home furnishings in an array of designs and colours, so remain assured that customising the home doesn’t need to be expensive.


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