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Las Vegas Questions: There are so many shows! How to choose?
By: Sabrina   |    December 31, 1969   |   3 Responses (0) (0)

Has anyone seen enough of the shows to recommend one? I can honestly not decide. I think we will be seeing two, for sure one of the Cirque shows. Help! No kids, so no worries about that as a restriction. Thanks!


Jewel commented on December 31, 1969

Las Vegas is all about providing you with the perfect choice. You can afford to be picky, so drop any shoes that don't immediately scream "Me! Me! Me!" Look to your interests and remember, you're paying for the quality. Make sure it's something you absolutely love, not just something you've heard might be good. Nevertheless, you should try to hit up a big-name show like Celine Dion or Penn & Teller while in Vegas.

Jeri commented on December 31, 1969

Definitely a Cirque show. There are so many to choose from, depends on your style. My favorite was Love, just because I'm a huge Beatles fan.

Josephine commented on December 31, 1969

For the Cirque show, I have seen O, Mystere and Love, would highly recommend O!

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