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The manufacturers of ThermoSpas hot tubs are always on the lookout for the best new applications of luxury and innovation in hot tubs. One of the best parts of any vacation is a hot tub. Hot tubs can come in a variety of shapes, applications and sizes. And for people who regularly enjoy them, they’re one of the best parts of any night of recreation.

Companies like ThermoSpas provide customized options for installations on decks, patios and poolside. But one of the best parts about hot tubs is that they don’t always have to be installed in these typical locations. Amazingly creative places where hot tubs have been installed continue to be reported across the world. Some of these installations have made international news due to their unique and often outrageous ideas.

Below are several of the most outrageous hot tub installations, innovations and ideas.

The Dutch Tub

Manufacturers like ThermoSpas produce customizable hot tub units that are often installed in areas such as a patio or near a pool. But the unifying characteristic about most hot tub installations is that they remain stationary. The equipment and water hook-ups generally prevent these units from being moved unless they are fully drained, unhooked and relocated by a professional.

But what if this concept of a stationary hot tub was turned on its head?

That’s exactly what the Dutch Tub has managed to accomplished. According to design website Dornob, the Dutch Tub is an energy-independent hot tub unit designed with portability in mind.

The interesting design almost looks like an old-fashioned water mine cut in half. But behind the scenes, this hot tub is anything but old-fashioned.

What separates the Dutch Tub from other units is how easily it can be transported to wherever a traveler may want to go. The unit is made out of poly-fiber material for easy cleanup and a lightweight construction of about 150 pounds (without water). That means owners can haul the portable unit to the top of a mountain, down to a beachside – or anywhere in between.

A spiral is attached to the hull itself where firewood can be placed to heat the unit. The spiral is also adjustable to turn the temperature up and down.

While the Dutch Tub takes hot tub portability to a new level, the truth is there are still some logistics to worry about. According to a representative from ThermoSpas, the most important consideration is finding an area where the tub can be filled with water. Despite these logistical concerns, having a hot tub that can be transported by just two people provides a truly unique take on relaxation.

The Hot Tub Boat

Sure, we’ve all seen hot tubs next to pools right on a lake or an oceanfront condo. And some yachts and other boats have hot tubs installed right on deck. But as featured on recreational living site Uncrate, some luxury seekers took it one step further by designing a hot tub that is a boat.

The Hot Tub Boat, a 16-foot vessel manufactured in Seattle, features an eight-foot hot tub across the entire deck. The boat is controlled by a small joystick off to the side of the hot tub. Boaters can cruise the lake at up to 5 MPH enjoying the sights and sounds of vacation living while staying comfortable and warm at 104 degrees. And with ten hours of juice and fuel on the vessel, the staff at ThermoSpas notes that this fun and unique boating experience is a great way to spend a day (or evening) on the water.

Hot Tub Movie Theater

A post on recreation blog Great Little Place discusses the combination of two favorite ways many people relax – watching a movie and sitting in a hot tub. A London-based organization put together the outlet on a roof terrace in the city. Several customized hot tubs were set up in an outlet which was showcasing multiple movies.

While it took participants a bit of time to get adjusted and settle into the hot tubs during the event, eventually people really enjoyed the warmth and relaxation the atmosphere provided. In fact, many people focused more on enjoying themselves and meeting other people than watching the movies themselves.

As Great Little Place contributor Philip Karahassan writes, “The movie, usually a cinema classic which I assume most have seen before due to the audience participation, is more of a focal point which works well to break the ice, rather than being the main event.”

Hot Tubs All Around

According to the makers of ThermoSpas, the hot tub atmosphere provides both a comfortable place for lounging as well as relaxation and enjoyment. When this type of installation is placed in unique and interesting circumstances, it lends to a truly unique and meaningful experience.

The three examples listed above show how creative many people have become within the recreational industry. They brought excitement, creativity and great social gatherings together in unique ways. Best of all, each of these examples was bound together with a very simple premise – relaxation and enjoyment in a hot tub.

Hot tubs don’t need to be ultra-portable or on rooftops with movie projections to be enjoyed. In fact, many people simply enjoy a hot tub in their homes on their back decks or patios. Hot tub manufacturers like ThermoSpas enjoy seeing these installations no matter the application – from wild and crazy to simple and elegant.

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