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Choosing Eye wear

Did you know that President Thomas Jefferson would order custom made fashion eye wear for any occasion that he might have to attend? And not only that, if his optician sent him a piece that he didn’t like, he would return that unit along with a handmade sketch of what exactly he needed. That drawing was made by the president himself!!

Now that is an in-depth description of how particular you need to be when you choose one for yourself. Not every set of glasses is for you; no matter how cool you find them, how reasonably they are priced or how much you think they would suit you.

Let us give you a few tips on what you should consider while buying spectacles

First and foremost, develop a good understanding of your face shape and then choose the right frame for yourself. For instance, if your face is circular, you might use your spectacles to make it look longer, for the said purpose, use rectangular glasses. Oblonged faces call for deeper than wider frames whereas square faced folks should reach out for the exact opposite. An oval face is, however, an ideal shape, which can be suitably paired with almost all shapes of frames.

Also, make sure you match the color of your frame to the color of your skin, eyes and hair.

In addition to the mentioned, decide when would you use the frame? The frequency of the use of the frame is highly essential. You must have a clear picture in mind as to whether the use of the frame is consistent, on daily basis or occasional. If the use is occasional, assume on what kind of occasions you would prefer to use it. Such decisions will help in deciding on the type of frame that you want and in which color. Furthermore, make sure that you use your spectacles to highlight prominent features of your face. Another important factor to be considered is the weight of the frame especially when the frame is being bought to use on a constant basis.

Once you have decided the frame, consider the lenses that you would want in the frame. The lenses, be it glass or plastic, must preferably be covered with an anti-reflective coating that would save your eyes from unwanted and irritating reflections that might fall at the surface of the lens.

Additional tips that would help you find the best fit for yourself are:

Be patient; do not get confused when you look at the storm of glasses that pour through eyewear store windows.

Ask for advices; take a friend or family member along with you or ask the people in the store to help you out.

DO dwell upon the advices given by the optical assistant, especially when deciding the type of lens you want.

Survey a few stores, magazines and the internet before you make the final decision. You must know the latest trends and the price ranges so that you aren’t ripped off.

Remember, the easier it seems to be, the more critical it becomes. Choosing an eyewear is an important decision as you have to consider both the look and the comfort you derive from it, so finally when you decide your eyewear, you look like either a king or a joker! Decide for yourself, wisely! 

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