Thom Brown Dress Chosen by Michelle Obama

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First Lady Michelle Obama finally revealed her inaugural dress yesterday by, well, wearing it to the inauguration. Having chosen Thom Browne's submission for the event, the FLOTUS looked comfortable spending the day next to her second-term president-of-a-husband Barack Obama. I'm sure Thom Browne feels great about the choice as well, considering his value in the fashion industry just skyrocketed.


For her daytime outfit, Michelle Obama arrived at St. John's Church in Washington, D.C. wearing a Thom Browne coat and dress, J.Crew shoes, and her bangs (!). The designer told the Times, "It's overwhelming ... It is one of those rare moments in someone's career that you will always remember. There's not a word that can really describe it. It's just amazing." Browne said that he was asked to send an idea to the White House a few months ago, but wasn't told whether Michelle would wear it, adding, "I wanted her to feel good in it and to feel comfortable, strong, feminine and beautiful." Read More

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