Thoughts from Glenn O'Brien, GQ's Style Guru


Off the Cuff

When the men's style website Off the Cuff got to sit down with GQ's style guy Glenn O'Brien, it looks like they picked his mind for hours and wrote a fantastic article on everything the legendary style insider discussed with them. The most poignant part of the article covers aspects of personal style and how fashion in general doesn't impress him anymore. 


Recently, OTC had the chance to spend an evening with Glenn O’Brien, best known as GQ’s legendary Style Guy.  He was in town to celebrate the launch of the fall/winter GQ Style issue at DC’s elegant new nightspot, The Huxley.  Earlier in the day, we sat down with O’Brien at his suite in the Ritz Carleton.  While it is always fun to meet a well-known figure, perhaps the most impressive thing about Glenn is that style does not seem to impress him very much. Read More

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