Three Healthy Hair Tips

If your hair is looking and feeling frazzled after the festive season, you could benefit from a luxurious treatment. Packed with intensive ingredients, intensive hair treatments are designed to repair any damage done by over styling and leave your hair feeling nourished and silky smooth. But which treatment should you choose? With so many fantastic products on the market, which will be the best for your hair? Here are three of the best treatments to try.

Monthly Maintenance-Intensive Hair Masque

This is one of those luxurious treats that should be saved for a special occasion. When you want your hair to look its best, an intensive hair masque will transform your locks in minutes. Many well know hair care brands include a hair masque in their collection as it provides you with powerful ingredients that you won’t find in regular shampoos and conditioners. If you want to save money, you can make your own hair masque recipe at home. Simply apply the hair masque from root to tip and leave on for 10 minutes to restore dry or damaged hair. Rinse to reveal hair that shines and looks amazing.

Weekly Luxurious Oil Treatment

When your hair needs a boost, a luxurious oil treatment is great to apply once a week when you want instant shine. Kerastase is a luxury hair care brand that boasts a range of beautifying oils. 

Daily Hair Supplements

If you want to make small steps to improving the look and feel of your hair, a daily supplement can help. Hair supplements are a relatively new concept but they work in the same way as regular hair supplements. Taken daily, these supplements can help to restore your hair’s natural vitality.

Clip In Extensions

This variety of extension give body without damaging your hair with glue, adding body to fine hair - meaning you dont have to use heat and split end inducing back combing to create the illusion of thicker hair. Make sure you get a shade that matches your hair for the most natural appearance.


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