Three signs your bathroom needs updating

Whilst most of us are eager to get the paintbrushes out and partake of a spot of DIY, the truth is we can be somewhat biased when it comes to reviewing the state of our homes. You’re more than likely aware of some of the more irksome deficiencies in your home’s decor –  like the lack of storage space – but what about the avocado green bathroom suite upstairs?

Just because something functions well in your home, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be updated. With your Pebble Grey Bathroom Mirror in place you want the rest of your bathroom to look the part and here we look at three sure-fire signs that your bathroom needs an upgrade.

1. The suite is coloured

It isn’t just the avocado green suite mentioned above which reeks of a fashion faux pas in the bathroom, any bathroom suites which are coloured can be seen as dated. Whilst tastes momentarily favoured the bright and bold as a way to get past the clinical appearance of white suites, public opinion has reverted back to its original stance with white leading the way once again.

There are a few alternatives available on the market but these will still be neutral in tone, making them inoffensive but personal. Black is a great option but only works well with a larger bathroom space and can be combined with white accessories for a monochrome look.

2. Tiles are on the floor

Tiles are still a staple requirement in the bathroom but current trends keep them on the walls and off the floors. Instead, laminate or lino flooring is the preferred option. Cheaper to install than tiles, these options offer wipe-clean surfaces and a vast selection of patterns and colours. Whether you opt for something plain or decorated or even choose an option which resembles wooden or tiled flooring, laminate is definitely the way to go.

3. Toiletries are on display

If your toiletries are on display or worse, hanging from storage cages, then you’re bathroom certainly needs a makeover. Nowadays, toiletries are kept out of sight to create a clean, uninterrupted design style and bathroom cabinets are one of the units behind the change. These offer practical solutions to storage worries as well as giving your bathroom one of its key accessories – a mirror.

You can find a great range of options online – click here for more information on bathroom mirror cabinets from Pebble Grey.

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