Tips to Increase the Life of your Granite Countertops
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Countertops are a smart investment if you are going for home remodeling. They have a unique and astonishing impact on the look and feel of the room they are in. They are durable and give your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you are installing them an amazing appearance, and increases the room's resale value. It's true that the countertops prices are on the higher end but prices actually vary between the different types of countertops that you can choose. There are a variety of countertops, including granite, ceramic tile, engineered stone and many more.

Granite countertops are a widely used remodeling product, to give an atmosphere of strength in your homes. Since granite is a natural stone, it gives your home a natural and ideal look. They are an affordable way to add luxury to your home. Besides all of these advantages, you may have heard from many remodelers or the retailers that countertops are reliable and have long lives. They are durable, but how long their lives are depends on how much care and attention you give them. Not paying attention can decrease the lives of countertops.

Here are the simple steps that are exclusively required to maintain the duration and appearance of your granite countertops:

Keep it Away from Spills:

Countertops are mostly installed in kitchens, so they often get spills of oil, butter, or grease, which actually diminishes their lives. Most people, especially housewives, don't know about that problem and as a result lose the worth of their countertops and ruin their attractiveness.

So try to keep your countertops away from all kinds of spills, and if it does get one, clean it off as quickly as possible.

Clean with Warm Water and Detergent:

Another factor that affects your countertops is dirt. Kitchens are the most busy place in many homes, where jobs that can cause dust get on countertops (like cooking) are done. Most of us don't really pay attention to that, but it does decrease the lives of countertops. So whenever your countertop gets dirty clean with warm water and detergent to really clean the dirt off. It's a good idea to wash your countertop on a daily basis to keep dust off and to keep the countertop shiny.

Use a Razor Blade for Tough Stains:

If your countertops have been tarnished with drops of paint or varnish you can use a razor blade to scrap off the stains from the granite surface. Even organic stains can be removed this way.

These are some simplest and the easiest ways to maintain the condition of your granite countertops and that will help you to make its life long.

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