Top 10 Eyelash enhancers of 2013


Facts Exposed on eyelash enhancers:

Eyelash enhancers are latest boom in market and these products enhance the eyes to look more elegant and gorgeous. Earlier people used fake lashes to get the natural beautification of eyes. But this procedure proved quite tedious as it requires using gum and sticking the fake lashes over original ones.

When it comes to removal, pulling them can damage the original ones thereby resulting in lash loss. So the new range of lash enhancers have ease of application and help naturally grow longer, fuller lashes. Let us now check out top 10 eyelash enhancers and how they work to give you attractive and beautiful lashes.

Top 10 eyelash enhancers:

Some of the top 10 eyelash enhancers are mentioned below:


This product has been developed by a doctor who gifted his wife this potion to restore her lost lashes. His wife was undergoing treatment for breast cancer; chemotherapy damaged her natural lashes and made her eyelids seem balder. He developed to revitalize her lashes and restore beauty of her eyes. Later this product is available through Athena Cosmetics Inc. It is a company that manufactures products to give long lasting results.

The website has product description, testimonials and the story regarding the origin of product. The product has sodium chloride and de-ionized water. It works and gives you results within span of four weeks usage.

Features of this product:

The product lasts for several weeks.

Most of the user reviews regarding this product are positive.

Are there any negatives?

There are no user photos in the testimonial section.

This product makes your eyes dry and also causes slight irritation.

There is no detailed list of ingredients on the official website.


Manufactured by a well-known skincare company, Dermagevity Cosmeceuticals this product encourage growth of lashes and make them longer.

The website has product description, facts and directions to use it. The product contains hyaluronic acid, Provitamin B5, purified water and glycoproteins. You can use this product with without mascara to enrich its volume and fullness.


The product is developed by well-known cosmeceutical company that targets to give you long lasting results.

The product has patent ingredients that are given on its official website.


Free samples for this product are not available.


Rocasbu Inc. has developed this eyelash enhancer to enrich the look of lashes. The company came up with this product with a cost-effective price yet it is powerful enough to enrich the length and density of lashes.

The product contains pumpkin seed extract, Provitamin B5, biotin and amino acids. You get significant result with appropriate application.


This helps in thickening the lashes and makes it look darker.

There are many positive raves about this product.


Website offers little information about the company

There are very scare photos


The product claims to dramatize the beauty of your lashes with its proven ingredients.  The website has testimonials, FAQs.

The product has panthenol, Allantoin, sodium chloride, water, propylene glycol as some of its ingredients. The panthenol is derivative of vitamin B which fortifies the strands of lashes and prevents them from breakages. The Allantoin is non-allergic compound that softens and nourish the areas of body have keratin like the hairs, nails, etc. this give you healthy eye lashes.


 The product proved effective for thickening the lashes.


There are no pictures depicting the enhanced version of lashes.


It contains biotin, panthenol, vecorexin and Allantoin. It supports the hairs with the elastic property and nourishes the lashes. It also protects the lashes from getting dry and prevents it from damage and breakage. It gives you strong, conditioned lashes that look elegant and gorgeous.

There is no FAQ or testimonial in the official website.

Advantages & disadvantages:

The product has lash strengthening properties.

The price of this product is quite higher.

Idol Lash:

It is a cosmetic product specifically designed for women who wishes to have fuller, darker lashes. Idol Lash is lash growth formula that support in growing longer lashes that make your eyes look attractive. The product contains wheat gram, panthenol, alfalfa, arnica, etc.

Positives and negatives:

 All ingredients are listed

 Limited company information

 Scare information on complete list of ingredients

 No FAQ section is present in the official website.


A product from Cosmetic Alchemy it requires prescription. The product contains sweet almond seed oil that stimulates growth of follicles without causing any irritation. It does not contain photos that support the claim and effectiveness of this product.

Are there any negatives?

No clear ingredient list is mentioned on its official website.

Lash Relonge:

Manufactured by beauty de Paris the product enhances the eyelashes and make it fuller, healthier.  The product works to improve the density of the lash follicles and make them darker, thicker and luscious. It contains many before after photos claiming the product to be proven to enrich the lashes.

Some drawbacks:

Limited mention of ingredients present in this product is concerning matter.

Very limited information about the manufacturer is available.


You can get lusher and longer lashes due to safe and natural formula present in this product. The product is easier to apply and you do not need to undergo any irritation or inflammation.

The product has cucumber fruit extract, white tea leaf extract, pumpkin seed extract and biotin. These vitamins and nutrients help growth of lash follicles; additionally it also locks in moisture.

Cons of this product:

The website has user testimonials along with photos.

No manufacturer information is given.

Enormous Lash:

It is developed by Beauty Society Inc. which was formerly known as Intuit Beauty Inc. The developer wants to empower women to make them beautiful thereby enhance their confidence. The website has pink and black combination themes.

Few drawbacks:

No detailed reviews about this product are given on the official website.

It does not offer enough testimonials to show the results after using this product.

Benefits of eyelash growth product:

These products have natural ingredients that safely treat lash growth problems.

It encourages lash growth by making them thicker, longer and stronger.

It boosts the regeneration of newer lashes and also repairs the problems of sparse and thin lashes.

These products do not irritate the eyes either by causing redness or altering color of iris.

These products are cost-effective method to treat and encourage growth of fuller and lusher lashes.

These are safe to use and do not cause lash fall out and loss as with the extension and falsies.

These products are easy to use; all you need is to apply it similar to applying the eyeliner or mascara.

Eyelash Enhancers are better alternative due to safety and presence of natural ingredients. This helps give you fuller, darker and beautiful lashes. It is suggested to go through reviews on Eyelash growth products from different sources and then choose the best one.


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