Top 10 Mercedes Cars Since 2000

The cars produced by Mercedes Benz are the essence of luxury and they epitomise success. Throughout the last decade and a bit, the German manufacturer has created several amazing cars that have not only taken our breath away, but stolen our hearts.  We have created a list of what they believe are the top 10 Mercedes cars released from 2000 and onwards. Many of the vehicles listed below are available at Inchcape Mercedes.

2011 Mercedes SLS AMG

This modern take on the 1954 classic, the 300SL Gullwing, has taken the market by storm. It has been seen as an engineering masterpiece and when it was first unveiled in 2009 it was the “go-to” car of any Mercedes fan.

The 6.2 liter V8 produces and astonishing 563 horsepower and the 7-speed gearbox will take you from 0-60 in just 3.8 seconds. This car is not just a homage to the great 300SL; it is a tribute to all the AMG version released before it.

2010 Mercedes E63 AMG

This is a car that shows you just how easily Mercedes, and their sister-company AMG, can create a saloon that oozes luxury at the same time as it blows its competitors out of the water.

The V8 in the car produces a total of 518hp and will take you from 0-60 just over 4 seconds. Not only that, the car itself is so inconspicuous on the outside whilst it is extremely luxurious on the inside, making it a perfect choice for any Mercedes lover.

2004 Mercedes Benz CLS

When it comes to good, old fashioned, luxury there aren’t many cars that can match the CLS. It was made for the fashion-aware executive looking for a great ride whenever they want one. The 3 liter V6 only produces 224hp, but it is more than enough to take you wherever you need in this rolling tribute to luxury.

Mercedes SLK 171

This is one of the most exciting roadster cars created by not only Mercedes, but any car company in the world. The SLK 171 was an updated version of the 1996 170, and featured a Formula 1 inspired frontend. The retractable hardtop made it one of the best convertibles to drive all year around and it is still one of the favored cars amongst many Mercedes fans. The 166hp engine was more than adequate when you were swooshing down the French Riviera in 2004, and it still is.

Mercedes E-Class W211

A face-lifted W210, this Mercedes E-Class drove right in to the hearts of thousands of car lovers around the world. It is likely one of the most recognizable Mercedes cars ever created, giving the driver a sense of class and luxury. Available as both a Saloon and a Coupe, the W211 featured engines from 2.6L all the way up to 6.2L.

Mercedes CL203 SportCoupe

Back in 2001 Mercedes started manufacturing their CL203 SportCoupe. This was the young professionals’ car, the car that showed that you were on the rise in your career. A small car with a small engine, the CL203 was far from a street racer. The 2.5L V6 engine still produced around 200hp and the car itself was a social icon like few others.

Mercedes S600 2005

This luxury saloon has set the tone for luxury cars for nearly 60 years. The 2005 update brought a whole new look, emulating a stretched version of a standard Mercedes. The S600 is perhaps not a car to drive, but a car to be driven in. You can get anything from a 2.1L diesel to a supped up 6.2L AMG version.

Mercedes-Benz C 240 Wagon

A Mercedes man is usually also a family man. The C240 Wagon is probably the ultimate family Mercedes, offering a luxury, yet family friendly, car. The 2.6L V6 engine along with the excellent comfort moved the market towards luxury Station Wagons rather than the boring, old, SUV’s. This 2003 car was definitely a game-changer.

Mercedes A-Class A180 Elegance

The Mercedes A-Class marked an interesting point in the life of Mercedes. This was a nimble city car at the same time as being a great mini MPV. The A180 Elegance showed people that family cars can be both practical and luxurious at the same time when it was updated in 2004.

Mercedes B-Class B180

The B180 took the concept of the A-Class a bit further and made it more like a SUV than an MPV. The B180 has a more raised suspension, making it ideal for people who are after a higher driving position and a bit more comfort. The hatchback look still remains, making it a stylish choice for Mercedes-loving families around the world.


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