Top 10 Things to Do in Rajasthan Travel

Land of royal Rajas and Maharajas filled with their art and architecture, Rajasthan is truly an imperial state. Enriched with the royal legacy and heritage, Rajasthan has inherited its jewels from its past. Majestic forts, legendary monuments, vibrant fests and lively markets, all togetherly have made Rajasthan an incredible state. Cities of Rajasthan are Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and others have appreciably mesmerized the tourists from all over the world. Known for its hospitality and generosity, Rajasthanis treat their guests as God. Painted with the colors of joy, bliss and cheerfulness, Rajasthan travel packages offers the wonders of architectural work.

Being the largest state of India, it is not easy to completely visit this elegant state without leaving anything. Try your best to explore it and at the end, you’ll be left with a few of landmarks. So, here we are helping you to visit the most famous and renowned attractions of this heavenly state.

1) Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur: Basically known as “Purana Quila”, Mehrangarh Fort is amongst one of the monuments standing under the sky of Jodhpur. Built with the red sandstone and intricately carved architecture beckons the artistic beauty of this fort.

2) Amber Fort and Palace, Jaipur: Located on the Delhi-Jaipur highway, this fort is known for its elephant tours. This palace has many strings attached to the stories of ancient rulers and kings. While visiting this palace, you shouldn’t miss Anokhi Museum of Hand printing.

3) Jain Temple, Ranakpur: Jain Temples are known for their old good beauty if clutched with the forests. This is a magnificent place to visit for its delicious diner in Jain Bhojanalya and for the art and architecture that truly describes the faith behind Jainism.

4) Dilwara Jain Temples, Mount Abu: Holy shrine of Jain people, these temples have unexpected grandeur and architecture wrapped in the marbles. A must visit historical sight in Mount Abu that will take your breath away.

5) Jaisalmer Fortress, Jaisalmer: Giving the glimpses of Rajasthan’s yesteryears, this fort is out of the box. The stonework done, beautiful carvings on the walls and pillars and golden sand dunes will not allow you to miss this stop.

6) Lake Pichola, Udaipur: Weaving its way through the land of Udaipur, city of lakes, this lake is one of the most beautiful and romantic lakes of India. This largest lake of Udaipur is enveloped by the temples, palaces, ghats and hills on all its side.

7) Wildlife Sanctuaries: Rajasthan is house of wildlife and rare and endangered species. Wildlife sanctuaries of Ranthambore and Bharatpur give you thrilling and adventurous experience and a chance to spot the rare animal- Tiger!

8) City Palace, Jaipur: A royal residence it is which incorporates many Mahals and buildings inside it. The seat of Maharaja of Jaipur, City Palace, has a vast array of courtyards, gardens and buildings. It attracts the tourists for the fusion of architecture.

9) Palace on wheels: A luxurious train to promote Rajasthan’s tourism, Palace on Wheels is one of the most attractive jewels of Rajasthan. This train covers the whole tour to Rajasthan within eight days. A train with all the royal and imperial facilities, Palace on Wheels is truly a perfect choice for experiencing the essence of luxury travel packages in Rajasthan.

10) Fairs and Festivals: Rajasthan is a state full of vibrant fests and fairs that magnetize the visitors and spell bound them with their magic. Well known festivals of Rajasthan are Desert Festival, Camel Festival, Teej Festival, Gangaur Festival and many others.

These are the top 10 things to do if you planning your sojourn to land of Rajas and Maharajas. These attractions will, for sure, make your trip an unforgettable and memorable one. Select today best travel packages India.


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