Top 3 Adventurous Places to Go on Your Next Caravan Holiday

One of the advantages of taking a caravan holiday is the opportunity to explore the great outdoors. Ripe for adventure, the UK boasts a long list of possible caravan holiday destinations. Whether it's retracing the steps of William Wordsworth in the Lake District, or trekking through the Scottish Highlands, adventure and quality family time are all within reach for the UK's caravan owners.

Snowdonia National Park

Tucked away along the northwest corner of Wales, Snowdonia is an expansive national park filled with splendid beauty. The Snowdonia Mountains are the tallest in England and Wales, and the park stretches out from tall peaks to sandy beaches. Walking or hiking through the mountains down to the shore provides holiday goers with unparalleled views of unspoilt nature. It's also possible to fish or mountain bike within the park, whilst thrill-seekers are naturally drawn to windsurfing and rafting opportunities. There are over 20 caravan parks and camping sites along the edges of Snowdonia National Park, making it a convenient and ideal location for a holiday.

The Lake District

The beauty of the Lake District has famously captured the imagination of many poets throughout the centuries. Home to Britain's most well known lake, Lake Windermere, there is a wealth of outdoor activities at the disposal of visitors. A hike up to the summit of Scafell Pike is a rewarding experience. At 978 metres, it's the tallest peak in England, and on a clear day the view from the top stretches out to the Irish Sea. Closer to sea level, Lake Windermere and all the other lakes are havens for boating throughout the year. There are a number of caravan parks available all around the Lake District within easy access of woodlands, mountain ridges and quaint villages. With walking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, open-water swimming, rock climbing and abseiling as options, adventure seekers are never let down by the Lake District.

The Scottish Highlands

There is nowhere more wild and untamed in the UK than the Scottish Highlands. The expansive highlands lays claim to an extraordinary range of natural features and wildlife. Holiday goers can choose to stay near the modern city of Inverness to take advantage of its amenities, or head out into rural Scotland for a true taste of adventure. The Northern Highlands perhaps has the most to offer those wanting to leave the big city behind. Hiking through the wilderness, visitors will have access to a side of Scotland that has lain untouched for centuries. Along the coastline, there are plenty of water activities in addition to the cave and sea exploration. The recent sport of coasteering is a great way to explore some of Scotland's most beautiful scenery.

Despite having a number of modern attractions and cities, the UK is still full of opportunities for outdoor adventure. There's no better way to explore the island and get closer to nature than by embarking on a caravan holiday that allows close and easy access to the natural splendour on offer throughout the country. The key to a successful holiday is to plan ahead, making sure the necessary caravan insurance and provisions are in place before setting off. After that, it's a matter of enjoying the ride and exploring the countryside.

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