Top 4 Luxury Yachts Making A Splash This Winter


Luxury as a concept is something that gets a lot of thought devoted to it. What constitutes luxury? Does luxury mean the same to everyone? Exactly how do you quantify luxury? These are all very difficult questions to answer. Questions that plague Burgess Yachts in their incessant search for perfection. In this search they have found some truly spectacular yachts, yachts that they have put up for chartering in exotic locations such as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. They are:

1.    TitaniaBuilt in 2006 by Lürssen-Werft in Germany. She stretches across the water at a length of 72m and can reach speeds of up to 13 knots. The 12 guests on board will be serviced by a staff of 20, who will attend to the every need of the guests. As we roll into autumn the jet setter will be pleased to hear the yacht’s winter cruising will be in the Caribbean. Inside she is decked out to the height of taste and sophistication, mahogany dining tables add a refinement to the dining experience. A Beauty Salon with an on board Beautician as well as a gym mean that you needn’t let yourself get out of shape whilst on board.

2.    Imperial Princess – Built in 2012 by Princess Yachts International, UK. This yacht has made her permanent home the Bahamas and the Caribbean. A crew of eight with space for ten guests suggests that this yacht is a touch smaller than Titania. What is lost in size however is made up for in luxury; winner of the 2013 World Superyacht Awards due to its showcasing of the latest in sophisticated and elegant design. If this isn’t proof enough then let it be known that there is an on-board Jacuzzi as well as a wide array of water sports equipment.

  3Lady B – Built in 2010 by Vitters Shipyard in The Netherlands. She alternates between the Mediterranean in the summer but escapes for the chance to relax in the Caribbean sun over the winter. A sailing boat that comes complete with a full 718hp engine, the ideal companion for any days you happen to be stuck in the doldrums. A classic exterior that hides an interior of class and sophistication. A blend of exceptional sailing with unquestionable comfort and performance, this boat is an absolute dream to behold.

 4.    Invictus – Climbing majestically out of the sea, this yacht is the image of gleaming luxury. Built in 2013 by Delta Marine of the USA this yacht boasts a crew of 20, who can host up to 12 guests. The master bedroom and deck (complete with Jacuzzi) are at the pinnacle of design, comfort and modernity. Offsetting classic sandy coloured decking with the modern touch of sleek stainless steel this yacht is to be spending its winter months in the Caribbean and Central America.

All these yachts are state of the art yet timelessly classic. The yachts are available to view for charter through the Burgess Yachts website. Chartering a yacht from Burgess is more than just a holiday; it is a lifestyle choice. A yacht from Burgess sends signals to all around that inside this yacht is a person of great standing and importance. A person for whom life is out of the ordinary.

Imperial Princess

Lady B


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