Top 5 Earrings Styles That Would Give Your Short Hair A New Meaning!

When it comes to hair, certain cut and color can contribute a lot to create looks like classy, chic, flirty or downright sexy. Each type has some fashion statement to deliver and each color representssome trendy message. For instance, curly hair is fun, resembles flirtatiousness where on the other hand short hair resembles funky side in one with a hint of hardcore style. Each is different in its own way and capable of adorning your style if the accessories are picked wisely. The essentiality of accessories can never be over-looked, in fact this is the only gear that can fix a fashion blunder and balance it in a manner that does not look tacky. Earrings are one the most important accessories that can give your outfit a positive boast and make it dazzle with elegance. This fashionable gear is something that we ladies use every day, thus it is only fair that we pick something that complements us.

Certainly not every earring would suit everyone. Earrings are capable to uplift your attire only when they are perfectly picked based on the face shape, hair styles etc. Picking the trendiest earrings for short hair can be tricky, but with a little research one may just find their desired boast.Below are top 5 earringsstylesthat would complement your short hair:

Clip on earrings: These earrings have been in fashion since the early 1990s, and people who wear are unwilling about piercing their ears; clip on earrings gave new meaning to their wardrobe. After dressing up, no matter how beautiful they are looking, the element of gorgeousness can only be added with the right pair of earrings and clip on earrings surpassed their limitation. They are the first pick of women having short hair.

Clip Stud: Women having short hair cannot pick something really outrageous to go with every outfit of theirs, certainly during parties one can go over-board and pick chandelier earrings to bring that traditional look in her, but for everyday living, clip stud would really be the perfect way of adorning her-self. Be it a business meetings or grocery shopping, clip studs cannot go wrong. Clip studs were worn by Oprah Winfrey often during her show.

Clip on hooping earrings: This is definitely a type of earring that can bring out one’s gorgeous taste in earrings. It shows that you are trendy without trying too hard. This looks ravishing on women having shorter hair and brings out their authentic taste in jewelry. It is very simple and yet has a subtle dazzling power in it. Celebrities like Helly Berry who rocks her short hair look, use these hoop earrings and look magnificent in it. Hoops are apparently a hit amongst the celebs having short hair.

Classic Diamond Stud: Diamond stud earrings are the celeb’s hot favorite, and it looks ravishing on short hair. Celebrities like Emma Stone, Helly Berry, Victoria Beckham love them and wearthem quite often. It is suitable to wear in all occasion and it gives your outfit a whole new meaning.




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