Top 5 Rooftop Bars in London

London Skyline

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Enjoying a cocktail in London can only be done on one of the now popular rooftop bars which offer a splendid view of the city. The operations of most rooftop bars are dictated by the weather in London with summer being the most popular season as many revellers are also able to enjoy the sun as they interact with friends. Rooftop bars that play host to the residents and visitors to the city are many but there are some that stand out from the rest due to a number of factors and they include:

The Boundary – This bar is well known for the glamour that it displays in its overall design and was part of the Conran project. Revellers that visit The Boundary can enjoy the facilities that include a large area of the roof which is the bar or restaurant, bakery, food store and boutique hotel. The view over East London is splendid and enhances the whole bar experience even at night when blankets and an outward fire keeps the rooftop warm.

Sanctum Soho –This lounge bar located on the fifth floor of the building ensures that revellers have the most relaxed time at the Sanctum Soho during the day or night. The amenities that have been made available for those visiting the bar include sofas that sink in, Hydro-spa and soothing music that helps one to relax. In addition, there two separate sitting areas for those who want to enjoy the sun and those who prefer the shade while enjoying the services of the bar.

Vista bar– Located on the rooftop of the Trafalgar hotel it gives a remarkable view of the city of the London while enjoying a drink or two at the bar. They offer a fantastic wine as well as cocktail list that can be enjoyed while seating on the stylish seats that have been spread around the bar. Some of the popular cocktails are the Mojiterraneo andLeila Lavender Martini mixed with some ingredients from the herb garden on the rooftop.As the sun sets the city is illuminated leaving those at the bar feeling like they are having a holiday within the city.

Queen of Hoxton – The bar which has recently been re -opened offers a wide variety of cocktails as well as mouth watering barbeques for those visiting the bar. Its seating consists of beanbags as well as sofas that provide a great view of East London. The entertainment offered at the rooftop bar includes film nights and occasionally a dip in a Jacuzzi to allow total relaxation. Furthermore, the walls also come alive with graffiti by Neil Edward, who is a well known local artist.

Paramount – One of the most stylish rooftop bars in London that can only be accessed by members. The wonderful views of West End accompanied with cocktails and food that are first class make the rooftop bar highly recommended. Its location which is at Centre Point is a great place to enjoy a quiet evening.

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