Top 6 types of custom designs to customize your dream the way you want to!!!

The word” fashion” has covered the whole world into its phenomenon. Everybody wants to add a spark in whatever things they do. They want to customize things according to the way they like and at the same time want their apparels look appealing to others. Due to all this reason upcoming trends of customizing cars and trucks have come up. It has become so popular that we can almost find 6 out of 10 cars or trucks to be customized. The popularity of custom signs and designs has led to the emergence of numerous companies who are the master of customizing different vehicles.

How it helps in advertisement

The old method of advertisement i.e. throughtelevision, radio, Hoardings is no more appealing to the customers, so the advertisement agencies have come up with the of concept designs. What companies generally do is cover the whole vehicle like truck and especially the public transport with the name of the company and the design of the product in a customized manner, normally the members of the public transport charges some money for the advertisement. One must be wondering as to why public transport the reason for this is that it is the mode of transport in which often the common masses travel. So whenever they will board in the public transport they will come across the advertisement. So as many times they will cross through the advertisement it will automatically create goodwill for the company in the mind of the people and at the same time it is one of the cheapest modes of advertisement.

Custom designs are being used as a status symbol

It is normally the tendency of the people to buy articles of snob appeal and show it as a status symbol. People generally buy expensive cars to show off their wealth in the public. Well now with the increase in the standard of living many people have the ability to purchase expensive cars, so now what makes a difference? The difference is bought by the custom design which is wrapped around the car. The designs come in such unique and innovative colors that one cannot take their eyes of them. One can also use letters to write their name in the car or any designs according to their wish by shelling some penny from your pocket.

Different types of custom Designs

Not only the buses and cars are used for designs, now days we find almost everything to be a part of the designing world. The different sings and wrapping designs are given below:

· Vehicle Wraps-this is generally done for the purpose of some kind of advertisements. The vehicle is partially or fully covered. Previously paintings was done but with the advancement in technology vinyl are used, the benefit of using vinyl is that it can be easily removed and hence it can be easily changed for next advertisement.

· Lighted Signs- These are generally boards where designs are customized according to the wish of the customers. These are generally found in the outside of a company or in some public places. Generally it contains the name of the concerned.

· Truck Lettering- in this generally the name of the company and the contact details are given. Most of the time the info provided is of the truck company itself.

· Custom Logo- In this form the design is customized in the form of a logo. Logos are signs which are used to represent the brand.

· Magnet Signs- these are generally used in cars and take a very small place. It is called magnet signs because it is designed in such a manner that it through its innovative style it attracts the customers. It is also a simple and mode convenient way of advertisement.

· Window Lettering- as the name suggests the designs are made in the glass directly or to windows to enhance ones business looks.

There are many others channel letters, painted signs, vinyl letters which are used now a days for different purposes. If you are thinking to be a part of the competitive environment and want to your business in the next level than nothing will be better than this customized design advertisement in the bus or truck.

Damien Jacob, he is a renowned name in the field of custom designs. He has done a detailed study relating to Chicago sign and has been the consultant for several companies who are a part of this innovative industry.

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