Top 7 Fresh and Clean Smelling Perfumes for Women

If you are a woman then you should know why we can’t do without that classic and sweet smelling bottle of perfume. After all, women across all age groups want to feel sexy and elegant, and a good perfume can help us achieve that. As women we have always been brainwashed as to how we should look, dress and behave from a very early age, but our desire for independence and grace remains uncaged and ever so strong. And the best friend of such powerful, independent women is  genuinely good-smelling perfumes that give her a queen-like feel. Today’s women are more empowered than they were ever before, and they want the best. The perfume industry has been quick to realize this and they are coming up with one better product after another. Just be careful that there some brands masquerading their products as top-drawer when they are actually not. As for the type of perfume, I have a soft corner for fresh scent perfumes which I believe is very crisp and smells awesome. Go through my list and find out which perfume made my list of the top fresh-scented perfumes and why.  There are a few surprises as well, ladies, that will keep you hooked!

1.Amazing Grace by Philosophy:  Easily one of the best perfume brands in the market, Philosophy has been consistently coming up with some amazing smelling products. And Amazing Grace is no different –its pleasantly good smell would take up your oomph factor by a few notches, you can take my word for that.  You will find some citrus notes and white musk notes accompanying the perfume, but the icing on the cake is that it has some soft floral blossoms as well. You would also appreciate that the product is not the overpowering type, which means that there will be left over trails of that nauseating feeling.

2.Aromatics Elixir Clinique Women: Aromatics Elixir by Clinique is another must-have perfume for women. The distinguishing features of this perfume are it is a refreshing, woody and arid fragrance. Suited for daytime wear, the key ingredients that make this perfume include white jasmine, chamomile, and patchouli.  This woodsy and fresh perfume also comes with a good dose of oakmoss, that gives the perfume a feminine touch.

3.Clean Warm Cotton by D’Lish: Another top product that any woman should have in their grooming kit, especially for women who are looking for a product that is both fresh and clean. In fact, D’Lish is by far the best among all fresh-scented perfume. And it is not difficult to see why –the product comes equipped with notes of lilac, jasmine and not to mention citrus. What will get your attention immediately is its somewhat dry fragrance which have an immediate connection with your senses.

4.L`Occitane en Provence Eau de Toilette: This perfume smells much like rose, and is surprisingly crisp and clean as well, which comes as a pleasant surprise. And you also can’t ignore the delicacy and lightness of the velvety scent. I think this perfume will be especially loved by women who want to wear a single perfume for the day. It also happens to be one of my favorite perfumes.

5.Clean Fresh Laundry by D’Lish: This is another of my favorites from D’Lish and I never seem to have enough of it. Exceptionally fresh and clean, Clean Fresh Laundry has everything that you would expect of a fresh scent perfume for women. What will make you immediately fall in love with it is its surprisingly light and awesome smelling scent,  which you will discover pretty soon, you can wear it all the day. The important ingredients used in the perfume are Mexican lime, white jasmine and cotton notes. These ingredients are used in many other perfumes on the market, but the difference between them and Clean Fresh Laundry is truly remarkable. The correct proportion of these ingredients and the unique manufacturing process of D’Lish gives it an endearing distinctness.

6.Baby Grace by Philosophy: Let me tell you this much that you simply can’t go wrong with Philosophy, and so here I am with another amazing product from the company: Baby Grace. It is as good smelling as any other perfume in the market, but kind of tones down a little bit of your party animal instinct. As such you can easily wear it to your office; and please don’t worry, as you will feel equally sexy in it. And you guessed it right why is it best for office: it is light and easy on the skin and senses.

7. Pure Grace by Philosophy: Yet another product from Philosophy, Pure Grace in simple words is pure delight. This roll-on perfume could be a shift from your normal bottled ones, but you can be rest assured that this fresh and crisp perfume will bowl you over.  The watery and floral notes are key characteristics of this perfume. 


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