Top 7 Reasons to Visit Cortona in Tuscany

While Tuscany has countless tourist attractions that merit a visit once and again, this becomes a real challenge for all visitors to this hottest holiday destination of Italy when they need to pick a few sights to meet their time or budget constraint for the trip.

If you are a discerning traveler who wants to step back in the Etruscan age or explore the ultimate beauty of nature under the sparkling Tuscan sun, you must pay a visit to the town of Cortona, which is located in the Arezzo province of Tuscan region.

If you are still not convinced, following are top 7 reasons to explore all Cortona has on offer during your trip to Tuscany.

Diocesan Museum

This museum is situated exactly opposite of the cathedral and it comprises of nine exhibition rooms, where you’ll find great artifacts where some dates back to 2nd century A.C. and some belongs to the world of modern art. Don’t miss to watch the Painted cross by Pietro Lorenzetti.

Hermitage Le Celle

Once a dwelling of Saint Francis, this hermitage is a wonderful place, specifically for those who are in search of serenity. This is one of the most well-preserved cultural heritages of the town. The waterfall flowing in front of the convent is simply outstanding.

Church of San Niccolò

The origin of this magnificent church dates back to 15th century and it has strong link to Bernardino from Siena.  The banner above the main altar of the church expresses mourning for the late Christ and a Virgin and Child with Saints Peter and Paul. The interior of the church was refurbished in the 17th century and it is worth exploring once a in a lifetime.

Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie al Calcinaio

This Renaissance style church was built in the 15th century and was painted by Luca Signorelli. Patron Madonna over the main altar of the church and the glass window of the central rosette are incredibly beautiful.

Melone I and II of Sodo

Perched on the toe of the hilltop town of Cortona, Melone I and II of Sodo features an array of Etruscan tombs with jaw-dropping funerary equipment and spectacular ornamental sculptures.

Abbey of Farneta

Home to wonderful sculptures and decorations, this abbey is located outside the town of Cortona in Arezzo. Its crypt is well preserved by Roman columns; one of these columns is built from red granite of Egypt.

Basilica of Santa Margherita

The church was built in honor of to San Basilio in 13th century and the major highlights of the place include the great art pieces, a marble mausoleum, and a picturesque rose window on the façade.

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Happy Holidaying!


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