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In London choices of what and where to eat can seem infinite and it is little wonder the city has such a fantastic reputation for food. Even exotic foods such as sushi have gained renown in the capital. With home delivery options on the rise, this popularity can only continue to rise.


Wining and Dining in the Capital

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and when it comes to its cuisine the same is true. Where once British food had a reputation lagging far behind its continental counterparts, recent years have seen a complete turnaround, with top chefs all vying for a spot on the London food scene.


No longer had a nation satisfied simply with the traditional meat and potatoes fare that has defined the country for years, today the UK is a place with a taste for the exotic. Whether it is a Mexican spice extravaganza or sushi delivery London can provide it all. Curry is now a gourmet experience, Thai food something not to be missed and French and Italian restaurants are regular fixtures on any high street.


Delectable Japanese Cuisine

Few cuisines are as distinctive, visually appealing and fashionable as Japanese cuisine. The Japanese are renowned for their attention to detail and their food has not been overlooked in this category. Of all the Japanese foods, intricate and delicate, sushi is a delight for the eyes and the taste buds alike and with even the option available for sushi delivery London is a prime location to savour Japan's culinary offerings.


Sushi consists of cooked sticky (vinegared) rice that is combined with other ingredients, most commonly fish, to create delectable bite size pieces. A variety of ingredients are used to create distinctive sushi types. Black seaweed sheets ('nori'), cucumber, fish, meat, tofu and omelette are just a few of the most common components to sushi, used to make everything from nigirizushi (hand formed rectangles of rice with a large topping) to the most popular makizushi, rolled sushi consisting of select fillings rolled into a rice cylinder.


Dinner to your Door

The choices of both what and where to eat in the capital can seem never ending, with new restaurants constantly opening and new cuisines always coming into fashion. This scope is expanded even further by the option of takeaways.


It is not just pizza and cheap takeaways that are available for home delivery in London. As the city's restaurant options grow so too do the choices for food delivery. With this expanded range of choices, the advantages of home delivery are obvious ones. You get top, restaurant quality food but are able to enjoy it from the comfort of your own home - the perfect setting for anything from a relaxed night in on the sofa to an intimate dinner date for two! In many ways, it really is the best of both worlds.


Whether it is sushi or Italian, London is a hotspot for diverse culinary choice. With the option of home delivery an increasingly possible one, whatever your craving may be, any Londoner is able to savour their favorite cuisine without even having to leave the comfort of their home!



Liz Thomas is a food writer and critic who writes on a regular basis for a number of websites and food blogs. She has a keen interest in exotic cuisine and, a resident of the UK capital, enjoys the full range from curries to sushi delivery london has to offer.

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