Top Romantic Things to Do in Prague

When it comes to a romantic getaway Europe is always on the top list due to the continent is truly gifted with so many romantic places. The continent has lots of country with great romantic attractions. Aside from France, the other countries that offer romantic getaway are Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Hence, while in the country, it is better to reside at the city center, due to the place is near to the magnificent places of the countries. When it comes to accommodation, it is better to stay at Prague apartment, Budapest apartment and spending a night at Krakow apartment. Residing in this place will ensure that you are going to have an economical stay in the cities.


In visiting Europe for a romantic getaway, it is better to sub divide the time in order to be able to visit these three cities. However, once in Prague, written below are the possible romantic things to do while in the city.


Visit Charles Bride after the dark


After dark bring your partner to Charles Bridge. In here, the two of you could quietly enjoy the magnificent view of Prague Castle as the castle glitters against the sky. It is better to visit the bridge after dark due to in the morning the place is crowded. It is packed with vendors, musicians, artists and pedestrian.


Enjoy Music at Rudolfinum


Rudolfinum is a wonderful music hall that is comprises of great talent. Excellent musicians are playing Stradivari and a real cultural practice devoid of the relish of tourist development. Hence, bringing your partner in this place and listening to the great music that the place offer will let you both have romantic and remarkable experience in the city.


Dinner Cruise at River Vltava and Prague Night Tour


Touring around the city through coach and boat is absolutely a romantic thing to do in the city. A dinner cruise at River Vltava is the best way in order to see the beautiful city of Prague at night. This is definitely a great way to end the night and end the romantic getaway in the city. The cruise start through coach ride from Powder Tower until River Vltava. After the welcome aperitif, select from buffet dinner that features wide selection of cold and hot dishes. For the cruise to be more romantic, while eating there is a pleasant music that accompanies. The three hours cruise on River Vlatava offers fantastic view. On the cruise, you are able to see the most essential buildings well as the historic monuments of the city such as Vvsehrad, National Theatre, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Rudolfinum, St. Agnes Monaster and lots of others. After the cruise, conducting tour in Golden Prague would definitely complete the night. The tour will let you be amazed of the nighttime illuminations.


Two or three days are enough to have a romantic getaway in Prague. You could visit Prague before or after visiting the two other countries. In order for the a romantic getaway in Europe to become orderly, it is better to plan ahead of time or better to make itinerary of the places to visit in Europe.


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