Top trends in leather purses and bags for the coming season

Every woman needs a stylish handbag and a stylish purse to match. These are two things which they will carry around with them each and every day and therefore they need to be fashionable and a representation of the person who is in possession of them. There are so many different designs of handbags and purses out there today. However, if one is looking for glamour, class and style then leather is quite simply the only way to go. Keeping that in mind, this article will reveal the top trends in leather purses and bags for the coming season – autumn/winter 2012.


When it comes to picking which colour to go for this season blue is well and truly the way to go. Blue is set to be a huge hit in autumn/winter 2012. This is great because blue is a versatile colour and it goes with the majority of outfits, however it adds a lot more excitement to an outfit then a black bag would. Moreover, there are so many different shades of blue leather. This is obviously great because it means that the person in question will be able to find something that they like. In addition to this, because of the range shades available there is always a blue shade to complement all skin tones and hair colours.


When it comes to the style of bag this season it is time to mark the return of the shoulder bag. For a long time now satchels have been the most popular option. However, thick and long straps are the way to go. This type of bag is perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of urban glam to the look in which they are wearing. Moreover, a shoulder bag is also great because it is a lot more convenient to wear and it eases the weight of all the stuff women carry around all day. When it comes to picking a style of purse it is a case of everyone’s favourite saying; the bigger the better. Big purses are definitely the way to go when making a bold and fashion forward statement.


Finally, if one is looking to incorporate a pattern into their bag or purse then the best patterns to opt for this season are tribal ones. This again plays on the urban look that is going to be massive over the winter. Tribal is a trend which has been around for a while now however it is only set to get more dominant over autumn/winter 2012. This is because it is a trend which lends much better to warm clothes and therefore it can be implemented better during this period.


All in all, these are the top trends in leather purses and bags for the coming season of autumn/winter 2012. These trends are exciting to say the least and it certainly gives fashionistas a lot to look forward to over the coming months. Nevertheless, it is important to remember to opt for the trend which is best suited and represents the individual wearing it!


Author bio – Gene is a multimedia journalist whose main area of interest is fashion. She writes about a range of topics from trends in leather purses to the best skirts for the coming season. In her spare time she likes shopping and socialising.

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