Tory Burch Surpasses $1 Billion Net Worth


Due to the lawsuit between Tory and Chris Burch, Tory has come out starting 2013 quite well and has surpassed the $1 billion net worth mark. Now that she's reached this massive milestone, do you think her company's styles will change or will they continue to market and sell the same stuff that helped her reach her current success?


It's been a looong legal battle for Tory Burch and her ex-husband (and former business partner) Chris Burch. To recap: About a year ago, Tory accused Chris of copying her designs for his new retail venture, C. Wonder. Many lawsuits and countersuits later, the pair came to an agreement just before New Year's Eve, but the details were kept under wraps — until now.

Bloomberg reports that Chris sold almost half of his 28.3 percent stake in Tory's brand, leaving him with 15 percent of the company. Read More

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