Toyota Targets Both Ends of the Car Market

Lexus LS 600h

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Looking to boost its stock prices, Toyota is focusing its efforts on the ends of the price spectrum of cars (economical and luxurious). Considering the company has been one of the most consistent and stable auto makers, chances are rather high that they are making the right decision. 


Toyota Motors is stepping up its focus on the extreme ends of the auto market i.e. luxury cars on the higher end of the spectrum and cars for the more price sensitive consumers at the lower end. Lexus, the premium car brand of Toyota, will unveil a new concept car at the Paris auto show. In addition, it will also showcase the new LS 600h F Sport for the first time in Europe.


Lexus sales blazed past those of BMW and Mercedes-Benz in August to claim the No.1 spot in the luxury car segment in the U.S. The brand sold 24,237 vehicles in August, up 34% y-o-y. Read More


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