Track Star Richards-Ross Sports Chanel Gold

The American track sensation Sanya Richards-Ross clenched a gold medal with ease in the women’s 400 meter yesterday at the Olympic Games in London. Just looking at the incredible runner, it is immediately evident that Richards-Ross is stunning both on and off the track. She is without a doubt, one of the most classy and stylish athletes to appear at the games (not to mention completely strong, composed and sculpted!). Richards-Ross’ winning look included French braids, patriotic nail art and gold Chanel earrings that carried her to the finish line in high-fashion.

Richards-Ross opted for classic double-C gold logo studs, complimenting perfectly with the hard-earned medal around her neck. Previously Texas Longhorn athletes, Richards-Ross and her National Championship and Super Bowl winning husband, Aaron Ross are one successful, classy, good-looking duo. Her parents and NFL husband watched proudly from the stands. And the image of Richards-Ross with her Chanel earrings and beaming smile, waving the American flag across the track last night is a picture that makes any lover of fashion or sports proud to have her represent our country.

Allie Montgomery

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