Travel Tips for City Adventures

Taking a holiday or trip to a city is very different from taking a holiday to, say, a tropical island. Whereas with the latter your only concern will be deciding when to roll over and sun your back, the former requires some careful planning. Whether you’re staying in serviced apartments or a hotel, there are a multitude of considerations.

Regardless of whether the purpose of your visit is work or play, visiting a city can be hectic. Learning the transport system, finding your way around, getting used to the hustle and bustle—while immersing yourself in the city’s culture can be rewarding, it can also be exhausting! Luckily, we’ve created this travel guide paced full of tips for enjoying your next city adventure. Take note, and make sure that your next trip goes as smoothly as possible!


It’s important when you’re staying in a city to choose the right kind of accommodation for your stay. Depending on the purpose of your visit, there could be several options available, all with different advantages and disadvantages. Before you choose your accommodation, take the following questions into consideration:

· How close is it to the main attractions/locations I’ll be visiting?

· What kind of amenities will I be needing?

· Will I cook for myself or eat out most of the time?

· What will my transport costs be if I stay here?

These questions should help you to choose the best place to stay. If you’re visiting on a work trip, chances are you will choose a hotel or apartment closest to where you’ll be doing business, so that is one less thing to worry about!


In big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, learning how the transport system works is vital for making sure you get around smoothly. The best thing to do is research before you arrive. Figure out how to get the best value travel for the duration of your stay by enquiring about travel cards, discounts and combined deals.

Grab a map of the bus network or rail system and carry it with you, or better yet, acquaint yourself with the website of the local transport authority so you can use your smart-phone to figure it out in transit!


Most big cities come with a need to be a bit more aware about your personal safety and that of your belongings. Although Australia in general is a very safe country, it’s always best to watch for pickpockets or petty criminals in big crowds, and to steer clear of poorly-lit areas after dark. To guard against theft, make sure you purchase a travel insurance policy, which will make sure that even if something does go wrong, the financial damage is minimal.

Australia is blessed with some of the greatest cities on earth, and a trip to see the sights and experience the culture of these cities is highly recommended. Hopefully these tips will help you to have the best city break possible, wherever you decide to explore!

Kushal Tomar

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